Kyrodian Legends Public License

The characters, settings, and other content specific to Kyrodian Legends (refered to herein as KLC) may be used freely under the following terms.

* The origin of KLC must not be misrepresented and must be attributed properly. Credit must be given to Nick Kovacs or Kelvin Shadewing for creation of KLC, and must include a link back to

* You may not prevent people from reverse engineering your work or punish them for circumventing DRM, provided it is for the sole purpose of extracting KLC from a given work.

* Artists working for hire or trade, or by request, must waive any terms of their services that conflict with this license if they agree to produce KLC.

* Any KLC assets, be they graphical or auditory, must be released under CC-BY-SA version 4 or newer. These resources must be distributed in their original form, without any watermark or transformation that detracts from the usability of the asset.

* Your use of KLC must not infringe on the Kyrodian Legends trademark. Any views expressed in your work are to be made clear that they are not necessarily the views of Nicholas "Kelvin Shadewing" Kovacs or any affiliates. The Kyrodian Legends logo must not be used in fan content or merchandise.

* You may produce commercial merchandise, provided you do not mislead people into believing the products are officially endorsed, and do not prevent others from using the same KLC in their own merchandise. Any and all physical merchandise must have all applicable schematics/blueprints/patterns/crafting instructions/etc. released under copyleft, and all patents released undercopyleft sa well.

* Fan-written scenarios involving KLC may be accepted into canon, unless licensing conflicts arise. If your creation is pulled, you will be credited for your contribution.

* In the case of non-game works, such as still drawings and animation, KLC should be put on its own layer and exported separately, or you must allow people to trace over it to extract it themselves, while the rest of the image remains your own.

* Permission to use Kelvin Shadewing is not included with this license. Kelvin is a closed character used as an avatar/persona by Nicholas "Kelvin Shadewing" Kovacs, and may not be used without explicit permission. Creative control over the use of Kelvin remains solely with Nicholas Kovacs.

* Works including KLC that were created before 2017 are not covered by this license, unless explicitely specified by the artist/author, and must not be used without their permission.

Contact me if you have any questions or need clarification on a use case. Example cases will be added here as they are brought up.

* Printing posters that feature KL characters, so long as the original image is distributed at its original resolution.

* Issuing a takedown of traced KLC, unless credit was not given.

* Copying or tracing someone else's KLC without giving credit.

* Creating a sprite sheet with a watermark or signature over the frames, or saving it as a JPEG or other format that would corrupt the frames, without sharing an unmarked, undistorted version in another format such as PNG or BMP.

* Using Midi as the mascot for your business. I am not open to offering private business licenses for use of KLC in any form of marketing.

PLEASE NOTE: while I was given permission to use the music found on the official Youtube page, I was not given permission to release the tracks under creative commons. Until further notice, they are the property of Kevin Soto, AKA JazzyPanda, AKA Kevin Pandaheart and should not be used until I can confirm it's OK to put them under the same license. Thank you.