Kyrodian Legends Public License

Kyrodian Legends characters, settings, and original assets (excluding music) are free to use under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Please note that this ONLY applies to Kyrodian Legends-specific content. If, for example, you make a game with Midi in it, you're only required to open-source the assets of Midi (artwork, sprites, voice clips, etc.), while the rest of your project may remain under any other license you choose. In the case of still artwork, KL content should be put on its own layer and exported separately, or you must allow people to trace over it to extract it themselves, while the rest of the image remains your own.

For attribution, please include a link to

Contact me if you have any questions or need clarification on a use case.

PLEASE NOTE: while I was given permission to use the music found on the official Youtube page, I was not given permission to open source the tracks. Until further notice, they are the property of Kevin Soto, AKA JazzyPanda, AKA Kevin Pandaheart and should not be used until I can confirm it's OK to put them under the same license. Thank you.